What Qualifications does the Best Orthodontist in NY need?

New York is home to several highly skilled orthodontists that are capable of fixing even the greatest problems with your teeth. Malocclusions, no matter the severity and TMJ problems are all things that orthodontists specialize in.

To have permission to practice as an orthodontist, these professionals must complete dentistry school and go on for several additional years of schooling in an orthodontic school. In New York city, these schools are Columbia and NYU.

Once their schooling is complete, they undergo a practicum where they practice working on a variety of problems related to teeth problems. The more specialized ones will go on for additional training in solutions such as Invisalign or lingual braces.

Finding the best orthodontist to install lingual braces in New York can be challenging because of the additional skillset required. The cost of lingual braces in New York can be up to $1,000 more than the cost of normal braces in New York due to this additional specialized training.

When you are looking for an orthodontist, you should be looking to find someone that belongs to The American Association of Orthodontists which all orthodontists must belong to. What’s more, a significant number of orthodontists in Canada also belong to this organization.

The Elite orthodontists in New York have the Diplomate of the ABO in their credentials. These orthodontists have completed an American Dental Association accredited graduate program and elected to go through a voluntary examination process through the ABO. This process is rigorous and consists of a comprehensive written examination and a thorough review of cases that the orthodontist has worked on. The clinical exam is even tougher than the written exam and is evaluated by a board of expert orthodontists. What’s more, this certification is only available for a period of five years upon which the orthodontists will have to renew his or her credentials.

If you are considering an orthodontist in New York to install your braces for you, then you should consider looking for someone with a Diplomate of the ABO. You can find the best orthodontist by going to this website and searching for by zip code.

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