The Cheapest Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment In New York

Getting the cheapest Invisalign in New York will put a smile on your face

The cheapest Invisalign orthodontic treatment in New York can be found at your local dentist. Before you rush off to your dentist however, you should ask yourself whether it is worth it to save a few hundred dollars on your teeth for what may be additional problems in your treatment. Though a dentist can offer Invisalign treatment, they do not have as much training as orthodontists do. Though this is usually a non-issue for minor treatment of malocclusions, more complicated cases can result in a dentist not having the necessary experience to fix the problems.

On one hand, it is difficult to argue with the cost savings of going to a dentist. Should you choose a dentist for your Invisalign treatments, we recommend that you look for the best dentist in New York who can offer orthodontic treatments. The most experienced dentists with Invisalign will be platinum elite providers which means that they will have done at least 80 Invisalign cases each year. Platinum Invisalign providers will have been at least 40 cases each year. When going to a dentist for Invisalign, we recommend that you only go with Platinum and Platinum Elite level providers as they will have the most experience in providing Invisalign to patients.

If on the other hand, you choose to go with an orthodontist to get your Invisalign treatments, you can also seek out the services of silver level providers which have done at least 20 cases each year. The reason we are willing to go to a silver level provider for orthodontists is that they received additional training in school to help you with malocclusions and temporomandibular jaw issues. This additional training makes them better equipped with the skills needed to diagnose and treat malocclusions.

Regardless of the orthodontist or dentist that you choose, you should know that pricing is negotiable. Pricing can vary by several thousands of dollars for equivalent treatments at different providers, so it’s in your best interest to see how low the price can go. You should also note what the price includes as a low quote may not include some of the follow-up services that you require for Invisalign.

You should also consider the location of your dentist or orthodontist. Dentist and orthodontists in areas such as Queens and Brooklyn may be able to charge you lower prices based on their location as their overheads will be lower. A Midtown orthodontist, or one in the financial district will have significant overheads that will be passed on to you, the consumer.

The other thing you should consider when looking for the cheapest Invisalign orthodontic provider in New York is the idea of seasonality. The summer months and holiday seasons are especially slow as people go on vacation & holidays. If you are willing to make a trip during these times, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. You should also consider the timing of your payments so that you receive the maximum reimbursable amount through you medical insurance each year.

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Finding the Cheapest Braces in New York

Find the cheapest orthodontics in New York city

Often times when trying to find the cheapest orthodontists in New York City, people get tempted to visit their New York dentist to have orthodontic procedures done. This is not usually recommended as there are certain things that orthodontists are able to do that your dentist may not be able to do. Dentists are involved with the overall health of your oral cavity whereas orthodontists specialize in malocclusions  which are problems related to your teeth.

While it is true that dentists are capable of doing many of the things that orthodontists do, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a normal part of their everyday activities. For example orthodontists may install braces on patients every single day whereas a dentist may only do that a handful of times the week. This experience can translate into a shorter treatment time for your problems as an orthodontist will have a better idea how to fix your problems.

One way I think of the relationship between orthodontists and dentists is by looking at the difference between general doctors and heart surgeons. A doctor will be able to diagnose many problems with your heart such as arrhythmias and irregular heartbeats but they will be unable to form open heart surgery on you. Heart surgeons on the other hand do nothing, but work with people’s hearts and are able to perform open heart surgery. Though a heart surgeon may know a little bit about flus, a common thing that doctors look at, it is not in their area of expertise and you would be better off visiting a general practitioner to help with that.

This is the same as with orthodontists. If you have a cavity that needs filling, you will visit the dentist. If you have teeth that need to be moved, you will visit an orthodontist in New York. An orthodontist will have more access to procedures and products that can help you get the smile that you want. For example several dentists can offer Invisalign clear orthodontic braces. They are however, unable to offer products such as 3M’s incognito braces. These invisible braces are installed behind your teeth and a custom-made for you.

Only orthodontists that have been specially trained in installing Lingual Braces are able to offer you this solution. As such because they have access to a greater variety of solutions for your problems, they are more likely to offer you the best product for your needs. A dentist on the other hand will only be able to offer you the product in which he or she is able to offer. If the only keep correction product that he can offer is Invisalign, then you will only have access to Invisalign.

What this means for you the consumer, is that if you go to a dentist you may save more initially, but if complications arise you may end up having to visit an orthodontist anyways which will result in you having to pay more. So the next time you are tempted to use a dentist for your orthodontic procedures remember that it’s not just about the upfront cost – you must also think about whether or not they can be effective and give you the best treatment in the shortest amount of time.

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What happens when my braces get taken off?

Having their braces removed is a memory that people with braces don’t often forget. After months, if not years of treatment, nothing is more gratifying than having new york orthodontist remove them.

It’s a bit of a misnomer to say that braces are pulled off. After all, they’re been attached with some incredibly strong cement – pulling them off would simply result in your teeth being pulled along for the ride. What your orthodontist will do is clip the curve on the back of your braces with a special cutter.

The plastic bonding material on each bracket is then broken up and the brackets come off with the wire. Once all the brackets are removed, your orthodontist will remove the remants of the cement from your teeth and clean and polish your teeth. Your teeth will then be good as new!

What can I expect after my braces come off?

Straight teeth, a correct bite and a great smile all come to mind. There is one minor thing you have to remember though and that’s retainers. Retainers are used after your braces come off ensure that your teeth stay in place. This is especially important in the first year when your teeth first settle so you’ll have to remember to wear your retainer at all times. After that initial first year, you can wear your retainer at only at night (or not at all depending on what your orthodontist says).

There are three basic types of retainers:

  • Hawley retainers are plastic retainers that are molded to your mouth and held in place with a wire. Unfortunately, the wire does cross the front of your teeth so you might have to make do for a little bit longer.
  • Essix retainers are made of clear plastic and look a little like tooth whitening trays. These can feel odd as your teeth won’t touch due to the plastic.
  • Permanent retainers are attached to the back of your teeth and can’t be seen. Like braces, it’s a pain to floss.

Your orthodontist will go over the best retainers for you. Remember to follow their instructions to a T. If you don’t, your teeth may shift back to their old positions which means more treatment.

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What your teeth need to look like to get Braces in NYC

What teeth that need braces look like,

Did you know that almost everyone in the world could benefit from braces to a certain extent? It’s true! Braces and orthodontic treatments are used to treat malocclusions which are a misalignment of the teeth. Very few people are born with perfect teeth alignment. Most problems however, are so minor that treatment is unnecessary. If you are truly looking for that perfect smile though, it may be in your best interests to look for an orthodontist.

There are three different types of malocclusions:

  • Class 1 malocclusions are the most common where the upper teeth slightly overlap the lower teeth.
  • Class 2 malocclusions are when the upper jaw and teeth severely overlap the bottom jaw and teeth. This is also known as an overbite.
  • Class 3 malocclusions are when the lower jaw protrudes further than the upper teeth and jaw. This is also known as an underbite.

You know you should visit an orthodontist if you feel like your teeth are improperly aligned. Other signs of improperly aligned teeth may include abnormalities with facial symmetry or TMJ issues. If you are unsure and do not want to spend the money on an orthodontist, you can simply ask your dentist the next time you go in for a routine exam.

If you have time and resources, you can also book some initial consultation meetings with the best orthodontists. They will examine your mouth and let you know what your treatment options are. If you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to your teeth, it may be worth the hassle to have those initial consultations.

Deciding to get that perfect smile is a major milestone in people’s lives and takes significant time and resources. It doesn’t come cheap so you will need to properly budget for an orthodontist and the required follow-up treatments.

Depending on the severity of your teeth problems, there are solutions that you can pursue which are cheaper. If for example, you only have a minor problem with your teeth that you want corrected, it is possible that you are a candidate for Invisalign, a clear plastic system that is designed to move your teeth quickly and effectively. For certain cases, this can be done faster and far cheaper than going with something like lingual braces which are permanently attached to the back of your teeth.

In summary, if your teeth require only a small amount of correction, then you should consider looking into Invisalign to see if it can give you the smile you want. Though we generally recommend visiting orthodondontists for these types of procedures, for minor procedures, you can visit your dentist. If you have significantly more work that needs to be done to get your perfect smile, then consider visiting an orthodontist to see how they can give you the smile that you’ve always wanted.

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Damon Braces, Invisalign and other Invisible Braces in New York

There are several types of clear orthodontic braces on the market today. The most popular are called Damon Clear Braces. These braces are a new type of brace that combines tieless braces with arch wires that clincically proven to move teeth to their positions faster.

The advantages of going with a system like the Damon braces is that they are clear braces so it’s often difficult to tell that you are wearing braces. Damon braces, though more expensive than traditional braces, are unique in that the braces they use are tieless and do not need to be tightened into place. There are no elastics or active clips that bind the arch wires in place.

Another advantage of damon clear braces is that they do not use elastomeric rings which collect more bacteria and plaque than damon systems. New York Orthodontists also suggest damon braces because they require fewer office treatments than traditional braces. On average, a patient using the damon clear orthodontic brace system will visit their orthodontist seven less times when compared to traditional braces.

Damon braces share some of the same downsides as traditional braces. They can be abrasive in your mouth, necessitating the use of dental wax and the arch wire can make cleaning your mouth difficult. Brushing your teeth may require only small adjustments, but flossing will require you to pick up a threading needle or floss with hard ends to floss with.

In addition to damon clear braces, there are also other systems on the market that help straighten your teeth without the need for braces. One of these solutions is known as Invisalign which consist of a series of clear, removable aligners that you change every two weeks.

The Invisalign system is a popular alternative for many because it does not involve the attachment of braces. Users undergoing Invisalign treatment simply use a series of aligning brackets that will move the teeth to their correct position over time.

The advantages of going with the invisalign system is that it makes it easier to clean your mouth as no threading of floss around wires is required. This makes for a much easier time flossing as compared to traditional metal braces! Additionally, there are no hard edges or wires to catch in your mouth which can lead to increase comfort.

The disadvantage of the invisalign system of course is that it may not be right for everyone. People that require tooth extractions or significant dental work may not be suitable candidates for the invisalign system.

We recommend that you do your research and ask your orthodontist what the best treatment is for your teeth.

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What Qualifications does the Best Orthodontist in NY need?

New York is home to several highly skilled orthodontists that are capable of fixing even the greatest problems with your teeth. Malocclusions, no matter the severity and TMJ problems are all things that orthodontists specialize in.

To have permission to practice as an orthodontist, these professionals must complete dentistry school and go on for several additional years of schooling in an orthodontic school. In New York city, these schools are Columbia and NYU.

Once their schooling is complete, they undergo a practicum where they practice working on a variety of problems related to teeth problems. The more specialized ones will go on for additional training in solutions such as Invisalign or lingual braces.

Finding the best orthodontist to install lingual braces in New York can be challenging because of the additional skillset required. The cost of lingual braces in New York can be up to $1,000 more than the cost of normal braces in New York due to this additional specialized training.

When you are looking for an orthodontist, you should be looking to find someone that belongs to The American Association of Orthodontists which all orthodontists must belong to. What’s more, a significant number of orthodontists in Canada also belong to this organization.

The Elite orthodontists in New York have the Diplomate of the ABO in their credentials. These orthodontists have completed an American Dental Association accredited graduate program and elected to go through a voluntary examination process through the ABO. This process is rigorous and consists of a comprehensive written examination and a thorough review of cases that the orthodontist has worked on. The clinical exam is even tougher than the written exam and is evaluated by a board of expert orthodontists. What’s more, this certification is only available for a period of five years upon which the orthodontists will have to renew his or her credentials.

If you are considering an orthodontist in New York to install your braces for you, then you should consider looking for someone with a Diplomate of the ABO. You can find the best orthodontist by going to this website and searching for by zip code.

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One simple tip for dealing with uncomfortable braces

In your first few weeks of having braces, you’re going to be uncomfortable. You’re still getting used to your braces and your mind is going to play random tricks on you with pain out of nowhere. This will happen especially after you go in for your monthly adjustments. Your orthodontist will recommend that you keep some painkillers around with you as you go through these transition periods.

Many people with braces in the beginning find that they often bite the insides of their cheeks when they are adjusting. The good news is that the scar tissue forms which is tougher, similar to the callouses on the bottom of your feet.

You teeth will eventually get used to the pressure on them and the pain after adjustments will go away quickly. But what can you do in the meantime to make the pain go away?

The simple answer: distract yourself.

Your brain is smart, but not that smart. All pain is a product of neurons firing in your brain and responding to stimuli. When your teeth are moved, your brain is making a best guess as to what if happening. We know that when braces are tightened, the cell regeneration process forces an adjustment. The teeth slowly move over time and bone is broken down (on the side with pressure) and reformed (on the side with no pressure).

This isn’t a normal occurrence so your brain reacts to this as pain. However, over a period of time, your brain will adapt. To get your brain to adapt faster, simply occupy yourself with distracting tasks that require significant amounts of attention and before long, you won’t notice the pain in your teeth.

This great Ted talk has more information about pain.

The good news for those of you with a lower pain tolerance is that today’s braces are actually more gentle than in the past. Before, large movements were made because devices weren’t as precise. Today’s wires move teeth more slowly over a long period of time which means your body has more time to adjust to the continual pressure. You’ll find that as you progress through your orthodontic treatments, you will progress through different arch wires.

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How to stop canker sores from hurting with braces on

No one likes canker sores, but people with braces hate them even more. In this article, we’ll explore why canker sores form and look at ways to stop canker sores from hurting.

Why do people get canker sores

Canker sores are ulcers in your mouth that, contrary to popular belief, are not a form of the herpes virus. They cannot be passed between people and medical professionals don’t actually know why they are formed. Some of the theories include the use of sodium lauryl sulfate in toothpastes and mouthwashes as drying agents that give rise to canker sores while other possible causes cited include stress, immune system reactions, family history and mouth trauma.

Other possible causes of canker sores include vitamin B-12, zinc, folic acid or iron deficiencies. Intolerances to gluten or celiac disease may also be responsible.

How do I stop canker sores from hurting

If you frequently get canker sores, then it may be worthwhile for you to visit the doctor to get a blood test for H Pylori bacterium. This may be a cause of your canker sores and can be treated with oral antibiotics. Your dentist or doctor will know more.

Your bracket may also rub against the canker sore causing you a lot of pain. You can use dental wax or dental silicone to keep that bracket from rubbing on your canker sore. This can be used in combination with products that cover the sore such as Canker Cover, Ora-5, Colgate Ora-base Soothe-n-Seal and Orajel Mouth Sore discs. For further pain relief, you can use topical products in your mouth such as lidocaine which is available at your local drugstore.

If you have a canker sore, you should also get into the habit of rinsing your mouth with warm salt water often. This will help to soothe your mouth. For a double whammy combination, try it with some antibacterial mouth washes to kill off the offending bacteria. Your New York Orthodontist can also provide you with a prescription that contains antibacterial ingredients with Lidocaine, a painkiller.

Foods to avoid with canker sores

  • You should avoid eating anything with acid. This means no orange juice or citrus juices or any kind. Foods that contain vinegars such as salad dressings will also hurt.

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How to Make a Dental Kit

New York Orthodontists recommend that you always have a dental kit that you carry around after you get your braces. It helps make the period with braces easier and helps you deal with common issues like getting things stuck in your teeth. Some of the things that can be put into a dental kit include:

  • Toothbrush (we like Oral-B)
  • Toothpaste (we like colgate)
  • Dental floss and floss threaders
  • Interdental picks (get these are any pharmacy or drug store)
  • Dental wax (you’ll definitely want this in the first few weeks as you’re getting adjusted to your braces)

Other people like to recommend mirrors, tissues, and mouth wash, but we don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. A bottle of water might be nice to include in here if you are in an area where tap water is not drinkable.

You can stock everything in a plastic ziplock bag, but if you are going to be eating out in public a lot, we recommend that you buy a small black travel bag that you can carry around with you. Men – don’t worry! You can buy bags that look like little portfolios as opposed to man bags or murses.

Using this dental kit

Let’s face it, no one really wants to be seen with food stuck in their teeth. Braces compound the problem by making it really easy to get food stuck! If you’re eating with others, especially at work functions, try not to smile too widely and show your teeth. It could lead to embarrassment.

If you know you’re going to be eating out a lot, you need to develop stealth tactics to go to the restroom so that you can brush your teeth. No one really wants to run into people brushing their teeth, but really, does it matter that much?

It’s going to feel a little weird at first, but eventually it will become no big deal. There was an experiment run at a prominent university where test experiments walked into a room wearing a t-shirt that really stood out. They were asked to guess how many people noticed the weird shirt. Their guesses were far higher than the actual numbers.

The moral of this story is that no one will notice. As long as you do it quickly and discreetly, no one will notice. It’s better that you get the food out of your teeth sooner rather than later. Having the food in your mouth promotes bacteria growth that will at the minimum cause your breath to smell. If that wasn’t bad enough, foods high in sugar could promote the growth of bacteria that cause cavities which means more trips to the dentist!

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How to clean your teeth with braces

Did you know that brushing your teeth wasn’t a common occurrence until the introduction of Pepsodent in the early 1900s? At one point, less than 30% of Americans had toothpaste in their medicine cabinets.

The good news is that things have changed since then.

Your New York orthodontist will likely give you brushing tips after you have your braces installed, but since you’re keen (that’s why you’re on this website after all), here’s everything you need to know.

Brushing your teeth with braces on

You can brush normally, but electrical toothbrushes will make things make easier for you. The oscillating action is similar to the cleaning tools that your dentist uses and teaches you the right amount of pressure that you should put on your teeth. Braces generally make things harder so your electric toothbrush vibrating like that helps get the bristles to really clean your teeth. Be warned though, because your braces are so abrasive, you will be wearing down your brush heads much faster. Be sure to stock up if you know you’re going to get braces.

If you are uncomfortable using an electric toothbrushes, then there are special toothbrushes made for people with braces. These toothbrushes have a V-shaped indent that is designed to go around your braces. They should be available in store, but why pay for them? Simply ask your new york orthodontist for some free samples!

How to floss your teeth with braces

Flossing your teeth with braces on the other hand isn’t as straight forward as brushing your teeth. It’s going to take much, much longer. Luckily there are tools to help make this easier!

The first tool you can use is a floss threader which helps you get floss under the wire to do each of your teeth. Doing this each time can be extremely aggravating though so we recommend that you look for floss made for people with braces. This floss has hard strands on one end which allow you to go in and get the floss around those pesky wires. It costs a little more, but the convenience is well worth it.

You’ll get especially frustrated when trying to floss your back teeth, but be sure to keep at it! Your orthodontist will give you tips on how often you should floss with braces on.

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