How to clean your teeth with braces

Did you know that brushing your teeth wasn’t a common occurrence until the introduction of Pepsodent in the early 1900s? At one point, less than 30% of Americans had toothpaste in their medicine cabinets.

The good news is that things have changed since then.

Your New York orthodontist will likely give you brushing tips after you have your braces installed, but since you’re keen (that’s why you’re on this website after all), here’s everything you need to know.

Brushing your teeth with braces on

You can brush normally, but electrical toothbrushes will make things make easier for you. The oscillating action is similar to the cleaning tools that your dentist uses and teaches you the right amount of pressure that you should put on your teeth. Braces generally make things harder so your electric toothbrush vibrating like that helps get the bristles to really clean your teeth. Be warned though, because your braces are so abrasive, you will be wearing down your brush heads much faster. Be sure to stock up if you know you’re going to get braces.

If you are uncomfortable using an electric toothbrushes, then there are special toothbrushes made for people with braces. These toothbrushes have a V-shaped indent that is designed to go around your braces. They should be available in store, but why pay for them? Simply ask your new york orthodontist for some free samples!

How to floss your teeth with braces

Flossing your teeth with braces on the other hand isn’t as straight forward as brushing your teeth. It’s going to take much, much longer. Luckily there are tools to help make this easier!

The first tool you can use is a floss threader which helps you get floss under the wire to do each of your teeth. Doing this each time can be extremely aggravating though so we recommend that you look for floss made for people with braces. This floss has hard strands on one end which allow you to go in and get the floss around those pesky wires. It costs a little more, but the convenience is well worth it.

You’ll get especially frustrated when trying to floss your back teeth, but be sure to keep at it! Your orthodontist will give you tips on how often you should floss with braces on.

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