How much do braces cost?

No doubt about it. Braces are expensive. There are few words that can be said by an orthodontist that can cause as much anxiety as the word braces.

The cost of braces can vary significantly depending on what types of treatment is selected for yourself or your child. Many adults that are returning to get to braces opt for invisible behind the teeth braces like 3M’s incognito product or clear ones like the ones offered by Damon systems. Another popular alternative is invisalign.

There are a number of factors that go into the cost of braces, especially in a city like New York where you have orthodontists working in all different types of neighbor. When you first begin to research braces, be sure to arrange for several free consultations with your various New York Orthodontists. The first consultation is usually free and will give you an idea of the recommended treatments and the associated costs.

As no two orthodontists are the same, you may receive different opinions on what the recommend treatments are and the options available to you. If you or your child’s teeth are badly misshapen, there additional costs may come up due to the need for procedures like teeth extraction. It’s therefore in your best interest to shop around to find the right price.

On average, braces can cost anywhere from $4,500 to $10,000. If you are looking for braces at the lower end of this price range, then you will be looking at the standard metal braces. If you want to get systems like Invisalign, 3M Incognito or Damon Braces, then you will be looking to pay more.

The total cost can be paid up front (usually with discounts) or over time as you progress through your treatment. The advantages of paying up front is that you get a discount, but it is possible that you may be paying for treatments that you don’t need! That, coupled with the high price tag of braces means that most people will opt to pay in installments.

The final reminder here is that you will need to budget for the fitting and creation of a retainer after the braces treatment. Retainers can often get lost especially when people are first using them so be sure to budget for their replacement as well.

Braces seem like they are an expensive product, but many users who have had their teeth fixed by braces report having a higher quality of life and higher self esteem. We think that it’s a small price to pay for happiness.

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