Getting your braces installed

After visiting several (you did visit several right?) New York Orthodontists to find the one you liked best, it’s now time to get your braces. You’ve had the x-rays done, the molds have been cast and all that’s left now is a couple of hours in your orthodontist’s chair.

Before you leave home, be sure to clean your mouth well! This means brushing your teeth and flossing. At this time, you might want to put some Vaseline, chapstick or other lip balm on your lips as they may crack while you’re getting your braces installed.

If you haven’t already, take a before photo before you go out the door.

Arriving at the office

Once at the office, you’ll be required to fill in the paperwork (if you haven’t already) and then it’s to the chair! Once there, your teeth will be dried off and have an etchant applied to them. This is like the primer in paint and will help your braces stick to your teeth.

It also tastes awful.

Next the brackets will be placed on your teeth and the cement will be set with a plasma light. After the bracket are installed, the arch wire is placed through the brackets and attached with little rubber bands to put the pressure on your teeth. You won’t need these rubber bands if you get Damon brackets.

That’s all there is to it!

Some other things you should know are:

  • If you feel like your cheeks are being poked while your braces are being installed, let your orthodontist know. That shouldn’t happen and is indicative of an arch wire that’s too long. It should be snipped.
  • You’re going to feel some discomfort leaving the office. The FIRST thing you should do is go to the pharmacy and pick up some pain killers, extra strength. Trust us, this will come in handy later when your mouth feels like it’s been pounded by cement.

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