Finding the Cheapest Braces in New York

Find the cheapest orthodontics in New York city

Often times when trying to find the cheapest orthodontists in New York City, people get tempted to visit their New York dentist to have orthodontic procedures done. This is not usually recommended as there are certain things that orthodontists are able to do that your dentist may not be able to do. Dentists are involved with the overall health of your oral cavity whereas orthodontists specialize in malocclusions  which are problems related to your teeth.

While it is true that dentists are capable of doing many of the things that orthodontists do, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a normal part of their everyday activities. For example orthodontists may install braces on patients every single day whereas a dentist may only do that a handful of times the week. This experience can translate into a shorter treatment time for your problems as an orthodontist will have a better idea how to fix your problems.

One way I think of the relationship between orthodontists and dentists is by looking at the difference between general doctors and heart surgeons. A doctor will be able to diagnose many problems with your heart such as arrhythmias and irregular heartbeats but they will be unable to form open heart surgery on you. Heart surgeons on the other hand do nothing, but work with people’s hearts and are able to perform open heart surgery. Though a heart surgeon may know a little bit about flus, a common thing that doctors look at, it is not in their area of expertise and you would be better off visiting a general practitioner to help with that.

This is the same as with orthodontists. If you have a cavity that needs filling, you will visit the dentist. If you have teeth that need to be moved, you will visit an orthodontist in New York. An orthodontist will have more access to procedures and products that can help you get the smile that you want. For example several dentists can offer Invisalign clear orthodontic braces. They are however, unable to offer products such as 3M’s incognito braces. These invisible braces are installed behind your teeth and a custom-made for you.

Only orthodontists that have been specially trained in installing Lingual Braces are able to offer you this solution. As such because they have access to a greater variety of solutions for your problems, they are more likely to offer you the best product for your needs. A dentist on the other hand will only be able to offer you the product in which he or she is able to offer. If the only keep correction product that he can offer is Invisalign, then you will only have access to Invisalign.

What this means for you the consumer, is that if you go to a dentist you may save more initially, but if complications arise you may end up having to visit an orthodontist anyways which will result in you having to pay more. So the next time you are tempted to use a dentist for your orthodontic procedures remember that it’s not just about the upfront cost – you must also think about whether or not they can be effective and give you the best treatment in the shortest amount of time.



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