Don’t let your baby use a pacifier

Baby Pacifier OrthodontistDoes your baby love his pacifier? Watch out!

Prolonged pacifier use can have adverse effects on your baby’s development. Studies have shown that increased pacifier is associated with more ear infections coupled with speech and language problems.

What’s more, if you allow your baby to use her pacifier beyond the age of five, you are putting her tooth development at risk. Pacifiers delay the development of the child’s adult teeth by causing delays in the front teeth from falling out.

Other problems include the manifestation of a gap between the upper and lower teeth when the person closes their mouth. This is caused by the pacifier putting pressure on the front teeth pushing them forward. If left untreated, it could lead to premature wearing of the teeth.

If your baby enjoys sucking his pacifier a lot, then another problem could be the displacement of the front teeth backwards into the mouth. Again, this causes premature wear and tear of the teeth.

By allowing your child to use the pacifier, you could be setting yourself up for expensive orthodontic treatments down the road.

To help fix that problem now, it’s recommended that you wean your child off his pacifier habit as soon as possible. It should only be used at bedtime to help the child sleep. Once they are asleep, it should be removed so that they do not continue sucking on it.

Doctors recommend ending the habit before their second birthdays, but the sooner they give up the habit, the better it will be for their health. By removing it, they will avoid problems with:

  • Anterior open bites
  • Posterior crossbites
  • Adult teeth development
  • Ear infections
  • Learning speech and impediment problems

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