After your braces are installed

Braces installed by best NY OrthodontistImmediately after your braces are installed, you’ll feel relief knowing that you can finally get out of that chair! The next thing you’ll notice is the funny sensations on your teeth as your braces do their job. This is going to take some getting used to, but no worries, the weirdness will go away.

Here are some other things that you should keep in mind:

  • Eat soft foods. Especially for the first three days. Your first day you will likely only feel a little discomfort, but on your second and third days, it’s going to be painful. You’ll want to keep eating food to go with those painkillers that you’ll be eating so that you don’t get stomach discomfort. Find out what foods to avoid with braces here.
  • Be careful while chewing. Your braces are going to feel odd and may scrape up against the inside of your mouth. No matter how hungry you are, chew slowly and take small bites. Otherwise you may end up biting off a chunk of your cheeks.
  • Clean your teeth often: The braces will act like traps for the food so you’re going to want to clean your teeth often. Other people say you’ll get used to it, but no one likes having food in their teeth!
  • Loose Teeth: Your teeth may feel loose immediately after. This is normal and occurs because of the gaps that have formed when the orthodontist pushed your teeth to their locations. As your body breaks down and rebuilds the bone, the looseness will subside and your teeth will feel more solid.
  • Funny positioning. You may feel like your teeth aren’t in the right place, but never fear, your orthodontist has a plan. After your treatment is done, your teeth will be in the right place.
  • Flossing is going to be tough. Flossing is going to be tough especially during your first week. Your teeth will hurt a lot and the added pressure from the floss isn’t going to help. Try to floss if you can, but chances are the pain will be too much. Give it a week or two and you will be fine.
  • Dental wax is your friend. You may not need to use it for very long, but in your first week or two as you are getting used to your braces, make use of the dental wax to cover the little bits of metal that are causing you pain. You’ll want to carry around some dental wax with you in your dental kit.
  • Most foods are ok, but nuts aren’t your friend. Nuts will get stuck between your braces and are a pain to get out. Candy like toffee is also out. Just stick to foods that clean up nicely and you shouldn’t have a problem. Tough breads such as baguettes are also not ok!
  • Watch out for Canker sores! They hurt and are just not pleasant at all. Click here for more information on how to deal with canker sores with braces.

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